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4 thoughts on “Keep up to date!”
  1. Brian Burnette says:

    where can i go for listings of crew jobs in Tennessee?

  2. Chris Wood says:

    I am a Knoxville resident and in the cinema-television graduate program @ Regent University. Are there any current film projects going on in the area? Wanting to volunteer my services to gain more experience and network. Thank you.

  3. Mimoza Toplica says:

    Hey I am interested in becoming an extra on the new movie with Burt Reynolds. I know they are filming it in Knoxville. Can you provide me with information on how I can become an extra on that film? Thanks.

  4. John Giles says:

    I was an assistant cameraman (film) & thinking of moving to Knoxville and want to meet some folks working in the community… I’m currently producing a documentary… I am in Atlanta. You can give my number out 678.521.0202 …Thanks

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